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21-23 November 2024
Hall 4 - Bombay Exhibition Centre, (Nesco) Goregaon (E)
Announcement :

South Asia's Largest Occupational Safety & Health show is back for 3 days, 21-23 November 2024 Hall 4 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon(E), Mumbai book your stall in best location

Live demonstrations, Latest Innovations, Global Experts, Certified Conference.

Explore PPE such as hard hat,safety gloves,gas mask,safety shoes,work wear,safety harness under one roof.

Smart Construction Sites: Navigating the World of IoT and Sensors?

The construction industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionising the way projects are planned, executed, and monitored. One such technology that plays a pivotal role in


SafeKraft has close to 200 products across various segments with more than 50% of the products being manufactured in-house?

Zulfikar Kalangi, Founder & Director, SafeKraft India Private Limited talks about their India operations and the work done by them in the safety domain, key challenges faced by Indian industry and new products they plan to launch in future.


Safeguarding Workers in Construction Industry with Industry-Leading Best Practices @ OSH South India 2024 Expo in Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre on 27-28 June?

Informa Markets in India has a dedicated show to spread awareness on Occupational Safety & Health for South Indian industry-OSH South India. The 9th edition of OSH South India is slated to be held in Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre on 27


Prioritising Workplace Safety: Strategies for Mitigating Health and Safety Risks?

Across all industries, workforces and types of commercial organisations, most management teams and professionals will agree that workplace health and safety should be a top priority. According to figures published by the Health and Safety Executi


How to Stay on Top of Road Safety Compliance for Commercial Vehicles?

Ensuring road safety compliance in commercial fleets is more than just a box-ticking exercise. With a complex web of regulations and compliance to follow, knowing where to begin as a business can be a daunting prospect. Failure to adhere to these


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