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27 - 28 JUNE 2024
Announcement :

100 + Safety and Health Equipment Manufacturers participating in OSH South India – Bangalore.

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South India’s Largest Occupational Safety & Health show is back in Chennai, June 27 – 28, 2024, Hall no. 1, Bangaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore.. Book your stall in best Location : 7045909099.

Live demonstrations, Latest Innovations, Global Experts, Certification workshops.

Explore PPE such as hard hat, safety gloves, gas mask, safety shoes, work wear, safety harness under one Roof.

?We Strongly Believe That Education And Awareness Is The Key To Ensuring A Healthy Workforce In Organizations?

‘We Strongly Believe That Education And Awareness Is The Key To Ensuring A Healthy Workforce In Organizations’

We spoke to Dr. Reena Valecha, Workspace & Ergonomics Research Cell, Godrej Interio to assess the importance attached to ergonomics by Indian organisations, focus areas for Godrej Interio with regard to improving ergonomics scenario within Indian organisations and in ensuring proper equipment for office workers.

1. What is your assessment about the importance attached to ergonomics by Indian organizations?

Increasing number of office goers are complaining of health issues as per several studies conducted by us as well as by other academic institutions. In the present scenario, the attention for Health, Safety and Productivity in Indian Organisations is increasing, but still the awareness level for Ergonomics is low. What is missing is the lack of Structured approach towards health issues arising out of incorrect postures and static lifestyle that most office goers have. A Structured Ergonomic approach is an important step organisations need to be aware of to prevent to long-term disability and enhance overall workplace wellness Quotient.

2. What are the focus areas for Godrej Interio with regard to improving the ergonomics scenario within Indian organizations?

As experts in office ergonomics, We strongly believe that education and awareness is the key to ensuring a healthy workforce in organizations, reducing medical costs and retaining optimal levels of productivity at all times, across all age groups. To this end, we have been an active proponent of the 3 step A-C-P approach developed by our Workplace and Ergonomics Research Cell:

1. Assessment: Evaluating ergonomic quotient of the workspaces through Ergonomic Audit

2. Correction: Removal of ergonomic hazards & Improving integration of Furniture elements via interventions like Workshops & Certification Programs.

3. Prevention: Constant Communication on preventive steps via Wellness Tips

4. Tell us about the thought process that has gone into designing Godrej products and how they ensure optimum ergonomics care for office workers.

At Interio, we have a user-centric design policy. Experts from the workspace and Ergo research cell study users from across different organizations, profile and age groups. This coupled with an in-depth understanding of the workspace trends, anthropometric data go into designing any and every product or service offering. The concept of Ergonomics is applied at product design & development stage through considerations to Comfort, Ease of use, Functional adherence, Visual & Tactile feel, Load / Force limitations, Safety & Hygiene assuming complete product life cycle across all target user groups. This is then followed up with product performance test certifications and manufacturing process certifications to ensure all aspects of Ergonomics are covered in each product offering. This is because we believe that the benefit of using ergonomic products has a direct impact on wellbeing of the user, improves safety of each activity performed and also contributes to enhancing the productivity of the organisation.

5. How do you believe the large occupational safety and health shows such as OSH India can help further the cause of spreading awareness about ergonomics in Indian organizations?

Large platforms & Health shows definitely play a major role in creating awareness. These forums can have decision makers together at one platform , inviting Specialists from relevant industries as knowledge experts and right service providers on subject matter. It should be looked as knowledge hub where organisations look forward to getting innovative suggestions towards making their offices healthy.

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