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27 - 28 June 2024
Hall 1 Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore
Announcement :

100 + Safety and Health Equipment Manufacturers participating in OSH India – Chennai

OSH South India 2022 to 2023 – 5th – 6th July, 2023, Hall 2&3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.

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South India’s Largest Occupational Safety & Health show is back in Chennai, July 05 – 06, 2023, Hall no. 2&3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai. Book your stall in best Location : 7045909099.

Live demonstrations, Latest Innovations, Global Experts, Certified Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

Explore PPE such as hard hat,safety gloves,gas mask,safety shoes,work wear,safety harness under one Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

OSH India Has Helped Us Meet People One-On-One And Increase Our Business Reach

OSH India Has Helped Us Meet People One-On-One And Increase Our Business Reach

We spoke to Mr. Kaushik Shah, Partner, Victor Imports to understand their journey in India so far and his views on the spread of OSH awareness, to know the products they specialise in and have already launched in the Indian market, their plans to increase awareness about their products in India, any innovation they’ve planned to introduce within their products and his views on OSH India and the work done by it in improving OSH awareness across South Asia.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

1. Please tell us about your journey in India so far and your views on OSH awareness over the years.

It’s indeed a pleasure to be a part of safety industry since past 50 years and we are really happy to inform you that Diamond as a brand has evolved into multiple other companies and we have successfully launched Jyot and Victor as our brands. We are a well-known brand in safety hand gloves not only in industrial safety but also in medical, food, pharmaceutical, construction etc.

It’s our pleasure because not many of the companies have their own manufacturing unit. We have four manufacturing units in Dahanu where we manufacture gloves as per customer requirements. So as India is a developing country we can surely have a lot of awareness about safety. However as the safety industry is evolving we understand that the industry has become much more recipient to new products and to new technologies in the industry and definitely there is a long way to go ahead in India.

2. Please let us know the products you specialize in and have launched in the Indian market?

We are manufacturers of Electrical shock proof rubber hand gloves, Industrial acid and alkali proof gloves and surgical and industrial finger cots. We import examination gloves (Latex,Nitrile,Vinyl), surgical gloves, Household gloves, Multipurpose gloves, Nitrile Industrial gloves and Neoprene gloves.

3. What is your strategy to increase awareness about your products in India?

We believe in meeting people personally and creating more awareness is only possible when you meet them. So that’s the reason we participate in approximately 6 to 7 events in India itself. We are trying not only to create awareness about our brand but also to educate customer about the importance of safety.

4. Please let us know any new innovation you plan to introduce in your products.

Ideally innovation is an ongoing process and of course we are in the process of innovating couple of new things and in short time we will be able to share more details about the same.

5. Please tell us about your views on OSH India and the work done by it in improving OSH awareness across South Asia.

OSH India as a platform has been an excellent medium for us to communicate with all the industry professionals to create more awareness about the safety industry. It has not only helped us create awareness but also helped us to meet people one-on-one and increase our business reach and in turn increase the turnover of our company. It is a very good platform to increase your brand value.         

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