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27 - 28 JUNE 2024
Announcement :

100 + Safety and Health Equipment Manufacturers participating in OSH South India – Bangalore.

Visit OSH South India – Bangalore and avail reimbursement for your train travel.

South India’s Largest Occupational Safety & Health show is back in Chennai, June 27 – 28, 2024, Hall no. 1, Bangaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore.. Book your stall in best Location : 7045909099.

Live demonstrations, Latest Innovations, Global Experts, Certification workshops.

Explore PPE such as hard hat, safety gloves, gas mask, safety shoes, work wear, safety harness under one Roof.



Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by a business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. Year after year clients choose to work with a business because they are focused on a healthier and more productive world. The organisation develops their products while adhering to the highest standards of energy efficiency and employee health.

Their factories are specifically geared towards having a positive impact on the environment as well as on the communities in which they operate. There is a strong commitment to a more environment friendly approach in all activities. Thus Midas has developed an Environmental Management System to:

  • Set and achieve aggressive environmental objectives
  • Convert fossil fuel equipment to new sustainable bio-mass equipment wherever possible
  • Conform to applicable laws and standards through continual improvement of systems and processes
  • Provide ongoing employee training to improve environmental awareness
  • Involve local communities


      Keeping in mind the huge negative impact that non-renewable sources of energy have on the planet, Midas and its associates are continually making efforts to use alternative energy sources which are renewable, free and have lower carbon emissions.

      • Bio-mass heaters: Using Sawdust/Gliricidia and rubber wood, they save 15 million liters of imported fossil fuel per year.
      • Vapor Absorption Chillers used to cool down water: Unlike electrical chillers, these are powered by heat and can run on a variety of heat sources, e.g. steam, hot water, liquid/gaseous fuels, exhaust gases or a combination of above.
      • Water and air pre-heaters utilize waste heat to preheat the water for our production processes.
      • Hybrid solar air conditioners improve energy efficiency using a renewable energy source
      • Solar Power System: Installing solar panels that are able to supply electricity for our offices
      • LED lights: Switching from tube lights to LED tube lights.
      • VFD Inverters saving up to 81 units/hr electrical consumption


      By minimising the use of non-recyclable materials and using sustainable methods of production, their aim is to lead by example towards a cleaner, greener environment.

      • Polybags: Printing on bags instead of using paper labels and reducing bag sizes
      • Better Cotton Initiative (BCI): Working with BCI to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production
      • Electronic Waste: Managing electronic waste in collaboration with a leading e-waste management service provider
      • Waste Water treatment plants: Onsite facilities to treat waste waters so that pollutant concentrations in it comply with the local regulations regarding disposal of waste waters.

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