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27 - 28 JUNE 2024
Announcement :

100 + Safety and Health Equipment Manufacturers participating in OSH South India – Bangalore.

Visit OSH South India – Bangalore and avail reimbursement for your train travel.

South India’s Largest Occupational Safety & Health show is back in Chennai, June 27 – 28, 2024, Hall no. 1, Bangaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore.. Book your stall in best Location : 7045909099.

Live demonstrations, Latest Innovations, Global Experts, Certification workshops.

Explore PPE such as hard hat, safety gloves, gas mask, safety shoes, work wear, safety harness under one Roof.



The industrial safety equipment are made using superior quality raw materials that protect the users from all kinds of injuries. These are highly effective against all types of hazardous environments. All the industry quality standards and safety regulations are strictly adhered to during the manufacturing process. The organization has invested in a dedicated R&D department that helps in incorporating new and improved technologies in processes and products. Here’s some of the latest Fall Protection Equipment manufactured by the organisation:


Special Features:

  • Economical, Versatile. & Light in weight.
  • Wide, flexible high-strength fray proof durable polyester webbing.
  • Work positioning waist belt with two lateral D-rings. Can be used in mining.
  • Soft comfortable padded waist belt and thigh pad for work¬ing in extended period of time.
  • Rear Ring provided for tool holders

For mountaineering, tree climbing, positioning & rop access. 

Standard conform: EN 358 and 813.

SFH 03 

Special Features:

Single Dorsal attachment D-ring. One D-ring at sternal point for descend purpose Two metallic D-rings at shoulder strap for entry and exit in to a confined space or for rescue purpose. Adjustable thigh strap. Adjustable chest strap Ideally positioned pelvic strap for long time work. Application:

For suspension job or controlled descend from a height.& for entry and exit in to a confined space and rescue purpose.

Standard conform: 

IS 3521. Class E


Special Features:

Guided type fall arrester Made of alloy steel In built gravity lock to avoid incorrect use In event of fall quickly grips the rope Detachable from rope Equipped with double security opening system Works on 14 mm dia polyamide rope Stationary locking facility. Conforms to EN 353-2

SFH 108

Special Features:

These harnesses are anatomically designed for fall arrest, without inter¬fere with the Worker's freedom of movements Light in weight comfort for all work phases Dual color straps (yellow/black) that allow rapid identification of the upper and lower parts of the harness before donning. The dorsal attachment points are equipped with fall indicators a red strap/Label appears after a fall to indicate that the harness must be retired. ingle Dorsal attachment D-ring. Single front attachment D-ring for guided type fall arrest system •:. One D-ring at ventral point for rope access work Integrated with comfortable work positioned waist pad and thigh pad for long duration work Incorporated with adjustable chest strap which ensures that the Shoulder strap remain in position when in use and in the event of a fall. Waist pad included with two lateral D- ring and tool holder loop


Ideal for occasional users, Roofers, Window cleaners, Steel erectors and Scafflolders. Maintenance & Painting. Specially designed for rope access and rescue job. Very use full for the purpose of carrying out rescue of a fall victim by the descent.

Standard conform: 

IS :3521:1999, EN361

Also available / Accessories: ( Optional) Water Bottle Pouch, Tool Bag, Trauma strap.

Confined Space Entry

A challenging area of activity is when the worker is required to move in to confined spacetc.nks e such as- Man holes, Tanks etc. for that Safewell Provides a special Tripod stand with a special Winch that allows easy over¬head access in to and retrieval of personnel and material from such confined space.

Model/ Art No.: SRT 025

  • Specially designed for rescue and industrial applications.
  • Telescoping legs allows easy height adjustment from 1.45 mtr. To 2.15 mtr.
  • The hoist is mounted on one of the leg with the base plate.
  • Anti sleep rubber shoe, base chain, preventing legs from spreading.
  • Conforming to EN 795 (Class B) Standard: EN 360. CE Marked


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