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6 - 7 July 2023
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Dräger announced the launch of its new FPS-COM 7000 communication unit with Team Talk, which enables hands-free, clear communication among firefighters in full personal protective equipment (PPE) as if they were talking on the phone. The unit is designed to be used with the Dra?ger FPS 7000 full-face mask.

“Communication is critical on any mission, but it is particularly challenging in firefighting situations where firefighters have to battle through dense smoke and experience elevated noise levels on a regular basis,” said Lothar Thielen, President and Regional CEO, Dräger North America. “We developed the FPSCOM 7000 specifically for these conditions, so that team members can maintain clear communication with one another, even under this harsh environment.”

Team Talk: better teamwork and improved safety

The Dra?ger FPS-COM 7000 lets up to 10 team members in full PPE clearly and easily communicate without pressing a single button. The voice-activated function provides full-duplex communication, allowing users to talk and listen at the same time as if they were on the phone.

Noise suppression for optimum voice quality

Digital noise reduction automatically suppresses ambient noises and only transmits the voice. In particular, breathing noise is filtered out preventing it from being transmitted to the voice amplifier or the radio. The integrated loudspeakers, with which wearers can interact directly with injured people and team members without radio equipment, also have this function.

Wireless connection to the incident commander

Each Dra?ger FPS-COM 7000 has an integrated PTT (push-to-talk) button to operate a radio that can be connected as an option. With one press of a button, wearers can communicate using a tactical radio, connected via a cable or Bluetooth. The latter means there are no cables that could become entangled, reducing the risk of snagging.

If there is only one radio for the entire group, the system allows the automatic transfer of the received instructions for up to ten group members via shortrange radio. This means that only one member of the group needs a tactical radio while everyone is still informed immediately.

Easy operation and individual setup options

The Dra?ger FPS-COM 7000 was developed with a focus on ergonomic handling and intuitive operation. The set radio group is announced via the earphones. In addition, different alarm tones warn of low battery status or if the wearer is out of range from the team communication. An optional software allows numerous setting options with which the user can adapt the system to his/her precise operation.

Robust and balanced

The robust design of the Dra?ger FPS-COM 7000 can resist even strong shocks and impacts. It is resistant to extreme temperatures and has protection class IP67. This means the unit is waterproof and can be easily cleaned after the operation. In addition, the balanced weight distribution helps to prevent neck muscles from straining and increases wearing comfort – without restricting movement or limiting field of view.

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