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03 - 04 Jun 2021
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Appreciation Of Safety At All Levels Is Lagging In Many Aspects And Organisations Have To Constantly Reinforce Safety

We spoke to Josy John, Corporate Safety Head, Tata Consulting Engineers to understand his assessment about current occupational safety and health scenario in India and how it compares to global standards, key challenges related to implementing safety regulations within a large organization, steps required by the government to help improve OSH awareness, activities and training programs undertaken by him as part of efforts to improve safety culture within his organization and his views on OSH India expo and the work done by it in promoting safety awareness across India.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

What is your assessment about the current occupational safety and health scenario in India? How does it compare to global standards?

The current OSH scenario in India is in its early childhood days, trying to touch and feel and take tentative steps. Organisations with an international connect have good practices within its four walls , but in the public domain we are going through birth pains. 

· What are the key challenges related to implementing safety regulations within a large organisation?

The appreciation of safety at all levels is lagging in many aspects and organisations have to constantly reinforce safety , like a vaccination at frequent intervals to change the Safety DNA.

· What more do you believe the government needs to do to help improve OSH awareness?

The government has sufficient regulation, however the enforcement is lagging far behind. A body like the HSE of the UK will help.

· List the activities and training programs you undertake to improve worker safety in your organisation.

We carry out regular training and inspections for our organisation and share the information.

·What is your advice to large occupational safety and health shows such as OSH India to help further the cause of spreading awareness about safety in Indian organisations?

Keep doing what you are doing now!

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