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The digital economy can provide job opportunities for many young refugees but ensuring decent working conditions will require new directions in thinking and action, says a new ILO report.

Women have been hit harder than men by job losses around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and only men's employment is likely to recover this year to 2019 levels, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said on Monday.

The "success" of recovery and keeping the quality of jobs to pre-pandemic levels depends on how the government will address the new COVID-19 Delta variant, the International Labor Organization said Friday.

Does organizing informal workers into their own cooperatives help them? Most certainly. Let me tell you about two poor salt-pan workers from the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK), Gujarat, India; Bhuriben and Samiben. Bhuriben, a salt-pan worker for more than 25 years, told me what life was like before her cooperative. “At the end of a season, a salt-farmer would be hardly left with 5,000 rupees (US$ 73) to support her family for the entire year.”

Recently we learned that a friend of ours was getting divorced and that he would have sole custody of his five-year-old son. It was sad to hear that his marriage had come to an end but also encouraging that he was motivated to take on the responsibilities of a full-time single dad.

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