OSH INDIA Hyderabad
03 - 04 Jun 2021
Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru
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OSH South India 2019 Conference: Ensuring a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workforce

India is on the growth journey towards becoming a developed, mature economy. So, as the economy increases in size and value we also need to keep a close watch on occupational accidents and workers’ health. At OSH India we endeavour to learn from the top leaders—CEOs, Health and Safety Heads across industry—to understand how to best take care of occupational safety and health of workers across industry and steps required to be taken to follow best safety practices within your organisation.

The two-day conference as part of OSH South India 2019 strives to bring all key stakeholders—government officials, HSE experts, industry associations and OSH evangelists—together to discuss occupational safety and health as a priority for companies, while reiterating the significance and business benefits of investing in the health and safety of workforce. This year OSH South India is also taking the initiative to spread awareness regarding the importance of occupational safety and health for working women, workplace ergonomics and employee health & efficiency.

OSH South India 2019 will provide leadership insights and help you empower safety and productivity at work. Each session provides the most comprehensive information needed to meet regulations and overcome industry challenges. You will have the opportunity to meet professionals from every industry, explore the latest trends in safety while making new contacts at the tradeshow.

The key topics to be discussed as part of OSH South India 2019 conference:

 Implementing Laws and legislation Related to OSH: A Leader’s Priorities

 Challenging Mindsets in the Construction Industry to Increase OSH Awareness

 Fire Safety Strategies for Tall Buildings and Commercial Establishments

 Battling Occupational Hazards to Workers’ Health

 Best Practices For Controlling Debilitating Injuries to Workers

 Leadership Approach to Formulating Best Practices in Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

 The Roadmap towards Mitigating Disasters in Organisations

 Mitigating Threats from Hazardous Chemicals in Organisations

 Ensuring Level Playing Field for Women in Workplace Health and Safety

Eminent speakers

Who Should Attend?

• Everyone who is interested and deals with workplace safety and health issues at work

• High-level government officials, high-level decision- makers in the public and private sectors

• Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and labour leaders

• Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals such as safety engineers, safety technicians

• Occupational hygienists and scientists

• Occupational physicians and others dealing with occupational medicine

• Labour inspectors and safety and health inspectors

• Trade unions, workers and their representatives

• Employers and their organisations, including human resource managers

• Manufacturers and importers of safety materials and safety equipment