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Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre,Hall-4, Goregaon (E), Mumbai on 25-26 November 2021.

IguanaGrip Anti-Slip Treatment is a NanoTechnology based Non-Slip Solution for Dangerous Slippery Floors

We spoke to Dr. Aleem Sheikh, Founder & CEO, Czar Lab Private Limited to understand the work done by his organization, the latest products they’ve launched and are planning to launch in future and also his views on the OSH scenario in India.

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

1. Please tell us about your organization and the work you do.

Czar Lab Private Limited an ISO certified company introduces IguanaGrip® An Anti-Slip safety solution for the first time in India. IguanaGrip® Anti Slip Treatment is a NanoTechnology based Non-Slip, Made from high quality standards for dangerous slippery floors which also protects from slip and fall during wet conditions. IguanaGrip® makes wet slippery floors slip-resistant in less than 60Minutes for your existing floor, except Wooden and Poly floors.

We started in October 2010 and manufacture nanotechnology- based products and construction- based solutions as well but we have pioneered in safety products since 2010 onwards. We have managed to export our products and nationally we have about 350 dealers across India.

We never had this issue of falling in bathroom before tiles were invented. Right? Yes, Today the tile, granite and marble industry has flourished, therefore, we will find every floor is laid with tiles & marbles. As long as the floor is dry we have no problems but, the minute the floor is wet, it turns dangerous. Most of us already had an experience of falling in bathrooms and luckily missed major incidents, Why give a chance again? Most floors are slippery when it is WET therefore to take care of the WET floor incidents you will need IguanaGrip®, a Nanotech anti slip floor solution.

We surveyed more than 5,000 homes, 800 industries more than 100 commercial complexes & malls, including public places to find slippery problems and how are they overcoming this. We found out everyone has slippery problem but, no one knew how to resolve this problem. After serving more than 10,000 homes and commercial premises applied more than 10Million Sqft of area it is found IguanaGrip® is very reliable, durable, safe and cost effective.

2. Please tell us in detail about your flagship product – IguanaGrip.

IguanaGrip® simple, fast and effective solution, where a nanotech based anti-slip treatment is applied on the floor (such as tile, marble or granite) this silicon based material penetrates the upper layer of the floor surface by creating microscopic texture, this texture is created in a such way it enables a vacuum-hold when steps on it, thus not letting anyone slip due to the vacuum hold and even when the floor there is water or moisture over the surface (heavier the person better the grip) with1-2yrs warranty (lasts about 4-6yrs) depending on the floor usage and footfall IguanaGrip® costs approximate Rs.44 to 50/- per square feet. We’re committed to “call before the fall” providing anti-slip safety services for across India. IguanaGrip® can be applied indoor as well as outdoors.

IguanaGrip is for the entire construction industry not just construction related but everything including household construction. It can be used for the parking lot construction and can be applied once the construction is complete. It is silicone-based and can be applied on surfaces such as ceramic tiles, porcelain, etc. It penetrates about 0.2 MM and creates micro threads in such a manner that it creates a vacuum and when somebody steps on it the vacuum will hold their feet and probably does not let anybody slip. Once this coating is applied it lasts anywhere between four to six years depending on the user.

3. What are your views on the current OSH scenario in India?

We are doing a wonderful job from an OSH perspective but I think still there's a long way to go as far as taking care of worker safety is concerned. There has to be a sustained effort to inform people about OSH guidelines and new solutions that help enforce those guidelines.

4. Any new solution that you plan to launch in the near future?

We are planning to launch a nanotechnology-based product for glass which is again applicable to household and construction industry. It shall be a coating on glass to keep it neat and clean.