OSH INDIA Hyderabad
Announcement :

OSH India Virtual Expo & Conference on 16th July 2020. 11.00am to 5.00pm

Top safety & Health Equipment Manufacturer brands participating in OSH India Virtual Expo & Conference

Attend the OSH India Virtual Expo & Conference before 1.00pm and win Exiting prizes*

Certified OSH India Virtual Conference on Shaping the future of occupational safety & health by industry stalwarts and thought leaders

As a leading supplier of hazardous and industrial area electrical, lighting and control gear products, Hubbell Scotland’s systems is renowned for delivering performance in extreme environments.

Women globally make up over 70 per cent of workers in health, including those working in care institutions. They are on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and these past few weeks have been the worst they have ever seen.

We need to be aware of the long-term consequences on the health of all workers. One can expect a drop out of personnel, not only due to infections with COVID-19, but also due to stress, frustration and isolation. Big health inequities due to pandemic and economic recession are to be expected.

Like many workers around the world I’ve been working from home to stay safe and to protect others. As part of this regimen I wash my hands frequently. I learned as a child that this was the main way to prevent getting sick from many diseases, and this now includes COVID-19. Soon I will be returning to my office.

Almost all of the world’s workers, some 94 per cent, were living in countries with some type of workplace closure measures in place in May 2020, according to the UN Secretary General’s Policy Brief on the World of Work and COVID 19. Massive losses in working hours, equivalent to 305 million full-time jobs , are predicted for the second quarter of 2020, while 38 percent of the workforce – some 1.25 billion workers is employed in high-risk sectors.


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